Professional investment autopilot

Crowd investing platform, which makes it possible to invest in projects of a Group of Companies "Growth Strategy" and receive a stable income.

what is raf

Remember that investments are risky and can lead to a complete loss of capital. Never invest your last funds available or borrowed funds.Learn more

what is raf

877 trees planted

We are the Growth Strategy Group of companies, which includes the following projects:



Business Portal


SME catalog


Commercial real estate search portal



Publishing agency


9 Yachts



IT Company



Digital Marketing Agency


Business automation



Cleaning company

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Capital productivity surpassed labor productivity

Fixed-term contracts raf

Amount Profit
per month.
6 months
per month.
12 months
100 $ 17% 18%
200 $ 17% 18%
500 $ 17% 18%
1,000 $ 17% 18%
4,000 $ 18% 19%
10,000 $ 18% 20%
30,000 $ 19% 20%
50,000 $ 20% 21%
80,000 $ 20% 21%
100,000 $ 21% 22%
150,000 $ 21% 22%
10% of daily income is transferred to the educational account
Fixed payments 7 days a week
The initial deposit is returned to your account upon the expiration of the contract
1. Register on the website
2. Fund your account
3. Get a fixed-term contract
4. Get an income in your raf wallet
5. Transfer money from your raf wallet

Where do we invest to ensure such profitability?

We invest your deposit in the development of the projects of the Group of Companies "Growth Strategy". In short: you invest in our projects - they start to bring in even more profit - we earn with you. Here is a transparent and uncomplicated scheme for increasing income. We talk about this more in details in the video.
raf University
International Online University of Useful Skills and Basic Science
Media Content Factory
Video content distributed over a cross-platform network - from Tik Tok to YouTube
9 Yachts
Shipbuilding, marine hardware and software, classified
Affiliate Marketing
CPM / PPC / SEO to promote your own and affiliate offers


Develop skills that really work

Fundamentals of Finance

10 lessons

Basic finance

Network Marketing 3.0


Network marketing

The best investment is in yourself

For entrepreneurs and network business professionals
Our referral program is based on the principles of network marketing
Download marketing plan
Invite bonus
Thanks to the invite bonus, you can make very good money by inviting new members to raf. The first 60 days after registering a new member, you will receive a reward in the form of a share of all contracts and training courses that they have purchased. In addition, you will receive rewards from the first and second line of people invited by this person.
Network Bonus
After a new investor loses his equity bonus, he gives you a classic network bonus. We charge it as bonuses from contract income, and it goes up to level seven of structural depth. Moreover, the highest percentages come from the deepest depth - where you have the most people!
Pizza-team bonus
The optimal team size under the direction of one person is a team that can be fed with one pizza. Therefore, we have a special bonus for people who do not put everyone in their first line, but build their structure from small teams of at least 3 people - we call them a pizza-team. You can get a bonus for team 1, 3 and 9 pizzas.
Leadership pool
For partners with the Gold rank and above, we award a special leadership bonus, which is taken from raf's profits. We distribute 20% of our company's net profit to our top-ranked leaders, with the highest-ranking leaders receiving the most.
Roadmap of the RAF project. Project implementation strategies.

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What is raf?
Professional investment autopilot.
How much can I invest?
From $ 100 to $ 150,000, but this is not permanent, we strive to get away from these restrictions.
How much can I earn?
With passive investment: from $ 17 to $ 36,000 per month, depending on the size of the deposit and the term of the contract. If you become an active raf promoter: from $ 500 to over $ 300,000 per month.
Who can become an investor?
Any person over the age of 18 can become a raf investor.
How to become an investor?
In order to become an investor, you need to register on the website and top up your account in your personal account.
What guarantees do I have?
Dear friends, remember that investing in raf is a high-risk investment. We, a team of professionals, we do our best to make your investments profitable, but do not recommend investing an amount higher than what you are ready to lose! We strongly recommend that you abandon the idea of investing borrowed, credit or last savings and hope for you are on high alert.
How raf differs from other crowdfunding platforms
Unlike,, and other popular crowdfunding platforms, we are not a platform created for free collection of donations. The funds collected on our site not only make the abstract world a better place, they develop promising business areas and return in the form of a worthy profit to the investor.
How to get investments in my business from raf
We are happy to invest in fintech, as well as in existing businesses over 5 years old with great potential for explosive growth. If your business meets these criteria, you can fill in the form and we will definitely contact you.
How to withdraw money
Regardless of the product you invest in, 90% of the profit goes to your main wallet, and 10% to your education wallet. You can always withdraw money from the main RAF wallet to your bankcard in a convenient way.
raf Ecology
We are the first generation to understand the scale of an ecological catastrophe, and the last ones to stop it. RAF launches a massive reforestation project. Planting trees is a prerequisite for increasing the rank of our promoters. The number of seedlings, for example, at rank five = the sum of a row is from one to five.
trees planted
raf Science
Recent events have shown that, despite the progressiveness of technology, our knowledge is still insufficient to respond in a timely manner and prevent events leading to crises. The development of science and the popularization of knowledge acquisition are the most important vectors of RAF development.
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